Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things to Send Sponsored Children: A Bible Verse "Cootie Catcher"

RAISE YOUR HAND if you remember "cootie catchers!  

HERE IS ONE you can print out, fold, and send to your sponsored kids-- a cootie catcher with Bible verses! I remember making these and playing with them for hours in elementary school (We would rig them with names of boys in our school that we'd marry, numbers of kids we'd have, all kinds of fortune-telling narratives!), and I thought it might be neat to have them with Bible verses rather than fortunes as the final step. Plus, for the little ones, they provide a teeny bit of practice with numbers and letters (of the English alphabet).

To make it easier, here is a PDF so you can print the sheet on regular paper, with an instruction sheet showing you how to fold it (in case you don't remember, if you were not as obsessed with these things as I was as a kid!) and the third page is an instruction sheet to include for your sponsored child on how to play the game. I've included lots of photos (featuring my lovely daughter) to make it easier.... Don't forget to write your child's name/number on each piece to make sure it gets to them! Enjoy!


  1. Julie, THANK YOU so much for your page. Sooo many good ideas here!! After my daughter Laura and I sponsored a little boy 25 years ago for 10 years from Bangkok, I've got 2 new little girls - one from India, one from Ghana. I was needing some ideas for writing and gifts and you've made it so much fun! I thank God for your heart to serve Him by serving these children. God bless you real good!

  2. This is fantastic.
    I've made some today for our sponsor children.
    Our boy is in Haiti, so I found a French Bible and put the verses into French for him.
    An Australian sponsor

  3. How cute! And what a great idea! Thank you!