Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letters make us happy, too!

THE OTHER DAY, my daughter Lilia got a letter from her sponsored child, and it included the greatest thing: a picture of Gloria, holding the letter she had just gotten from Lilia.

Which got me thinking...

We read a lot about how much our letters mean to sponsored children, but do they know how much their letters mean to us? Do you ever have those nagging doubts that maybe your sponsored child didn't even get the last letter you wrote? They must have those feelings too!

So... my gift to you: an idea, and a way to implement it. Have someone take a picture of you holding your sponsored child's latest letter. Print it out, print out one of these "frames" and paste your photo onto it, and send it with your next letter! Hope you like them!

Here are two "frames" showing how they'd look after you paste your (much more attractive) picture of yourself in...

The mouse version (without my picture in it!) can be downloaded here.

And the floral version can be found here.

(Or just click on the images below!)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sermon Doodle 6-9-13

IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER SERMON. 'Cause... it just is. I don't know how many more of Ian's sermons we will be in town for! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sermon Doodle April 21, 2013

IT'S BEEN A WHILE. I've been soooo swamped with working on shows (creating one, directing two, playing bass [yikes!] for another), it's just been INSANE. I am now down to one show to be panicked about. So here's today's epistle.
God has trendy glasses, don'tcha think?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sermon Doodle 3-3-13

HEEERE IT IS--today's sermon! It's not every Sunday one gets to play with drawing leeches!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sermon Doodle Feb 17, 2013

WE HAVE A NEW PASTOR for a while--Matt Gravelle. Here was his first sermon of this stint as our temporary help!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two sermon doodles for the price of one

 WITH OUR PASTOR Ian Prichard in the hospital recovering from a terrible skiing accident (there's a reason I've never gone skiing...), it seemed almost disloyal to take and publish sermon notes... but then I thought maybe he'd like to see them. So... here are today's and last week's--all in one post!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Help Kenyan Kids Take Exams (They want to! Really!)

Even a small donation will make a big difference!
ONE OF THE SPONSORS from Australia wrote this; I could not have said it better myself! 

"Another plea for a couple dollars for "my" Kenyan children.

I know everyone's giving budget is stretched to the limit, but I'm hoping you can spare another $2 or $3 for a worthy cause.

For the past six years I've been involved with what is now called Plant-a-book International (formerly called Kenya Kids in Need) charity. I'm currently paying for the education and lodging for two teenage orphans who live at Galilee School in Sowete-Kayole slums of Nairobi, and for the education of three other students who live in the slums nearby. The school is the creation of a man who was a sponsored child himself.

The school has developed to the point where in 2009 the first graduating high school class took their final high school exams. (Every student passed!)
But while primary education is free in Kenya, secondary education is not. At Galilee, the neediest and orphan students mostly have overseas sponsors, for the rest, where most slum families live on $1 USD a day, it is a struggle to keep students at school and not contributing to the family income.

The Kenyan government charges $85 USD each for the students to take their final exams, and Plant-a-book International is trying to provide for as many students as possible to take the exams. (The headmaster also raises money from local businesses and slum families.) The time for payment is drawing near, and it would be tragic if these hopeful students were not able to sit their final exams.

These kids work so hard to do well...they have to share textbooks, they have no electricity to study at night, so they come to school at 6am to work; they form study groups and work together on Saturdays to help each other through the curriculum, and their courses are so much harder than Aussie ones...EVERY student has to do the equivalent of extension maths, for example, and they all study Shakespeare in English, which is usually their second or third language.

Having the high school certificate makes a huge difference to employment prospects for these students. The top 10% are eligible for a uni scholarship. Even a poor pass opens the possibility of an office job rather than being a maid or a street seller, thus breaking the poverty cycle for whole families.

If you can spare a couple of dollars you can use the PayPal donation button at http://www.plantabook.org You'll be donating in US dollars, which are close to parity with $AUS at present.

Think of the karma! Thanks for reading."