Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mommy and Me Toddler Arts Classes!

Mommy and Me Toddler Music Classes: Why?

Next week we will start our “Mommy and Me” toddler arts classes. Little ones will be making music, dancing, singing, and creating colorful works of art with their moms (Dads are welcome too, of course!).

Why do we think this is important?

More and more research shows the benefits of early, early education. Combine that fact with our world’s desperate cry for individuals who know how to think creatively, and how could you not offer toddler arts classes?

Here are some specific benefits:
•Bonding. There is nothing like creating something together to bond a parent and child. Decisions are made, questions are asked, and all that creativity is applauded and celebrated with smiles and hugs.
•Sing now; play [music] later. Research indicates that young children and babies who are sung to by their parents are the ones who grow up to show musical talent and interest. Participating in music with your child shows her that you value music, opening the door for her to value it as well.
•Create memories. Those pieces of art that end up on the refrigerator and later in a “memories” file box are tangible representations of quality time spent together. Years later, they can bring back memories of the fun.
•Socialization. Singing and dancing together releases oxytocin, the “bonding hormone.” Besides strengthening parent/child relationships, the group songs and dances we will do together will help foster a “circle of friends” among the participants, children as well as adults.
•It’s fun!!

There is still room in this fun and amazing class—sign up here!

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