Monday, February 21, 2011

Shop here--NOW!!

At the risk of always stealing my posts from Michelle at Blogging From the Boonies, I had to also give a shout out for "Come Together Trading Company." This is a Christ-centered, Fair Trade company that is "seeking to help our brothers and sisters living in underdeveloped countries across the world by providing them with a marketplace for the beautiful products they produce."

After Michelle recommended it, I went to their website. I ordered some birthday gifts for Lilia (shhh!), so you can't see them, but look what else I got: This purse and this shopping bag!

Shopping bag

They are really beautiful, and beautifully made--and they got here so-o-o-o quickly!

So... this company is a winner! They have a huge variety of products, including the category "Men's Clothing and Other Manly Things" (which makes me smile), jewelry, toys, and even musical instruments.

I really want this scarf:
and these earrings:
oh, and this "singing bowl." (Suddenly my music room seems really incomplete without this!)

Check them out!

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