Sunday, August 21, 2011


AFTER A LONG Letter Drought, I received letters from EIGHT of our sponsored kids in the last 2 days. What fun!

By far my favorite was from our newest addition, little Agartha in Ghana. Agartha is 6, and cute as a button. Adding her to our "family" was a total leap of faith and probably an unwise financial decision, but she has touched my heart in such a big way. (And, coincidentally, my freelance work seemed to "magically" increase as soon as I took her on. God is funny.)

Every letter I have received from Agartha gives me something to ponder, or even worry about. She is intriguing.

The initial letter mentioned that she was glad to be sponsored because she has "no good caretakers." The information from Compassion says that her mother died, and she lives with her father and grandmother. I wonder if the phrase "no good caretakers" was Agartha's, or if the caseworker doing the writing was letting me know something...

The next letter said Agartha was "proud, because now she can walk to the Center all by herself."

When my daughter was six, I didn't really let her out of my sight! I wonder how far little Agartha is walking by herself, and whether it's safe for her to do so?

This letter raised even more questions about my little girl. It was a thank you letter for birthday money I sent to her. The letter says she bought "a traveling bag, drinks, and biscuits." It also said that it "helped her father to save money for other family members." Hmmmm....

But here's my favorite (besides the picture of this little peanut with a suitcase big enough to hold her!): "She says the traveling bag will help her convey her clothes and other things when she wants to travel."

Awwwww... So, I know that the Compassion people help the kids pick out things to buy with their gift money. I'm picturing them trying to steer Agartha toward clothes, or toys, or blankets--things that would be actually useful to a child who may never get the chance to travel. I picture Agartha insisting that this is what she wants, and she IS going to travel!

My job? To absolutely encourage her in this dream. I'm thinking of putting together little booklets about various places she could travel to. Maps, photos, interesting facts... It could be fun! And she could start a little library of her plans and dreams to be a traveling kinda girl.

If anyone would like to contribute information or pictures about the place you live, I will absolutely pass them on to this sweet girl. It would be so neat to make Agartha feel that there are a whole collection of people in the world who support her dream of traveling! If you leave a comment saying you will help, I will send my snail mail address... or we can work entirely by email--I'm flexible!


  1. I came over here from OC..... How lovely that the photo posted bigger on here so I can actually see her face!!! I'll send you some postcards and info from Memphis, TN. It might take me a week... but it will get to you! I have your addy from the OC journal. :o) ~Michelle Rausch

  2. I live in California near Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. I recently collected some photos with some info about this area for my would be easy to pass it along! I think I actually have it saved all together in a document, so email may be easier if you have a color printer to print it out on. Let me know where you want me to email it! (, or

    God Bless,

  3. Awww, look at sweet little Agartha. It brings me such joy to see one of the children I spent some time praying over being blessed by a dedicated sponsor. <3 She is so pretty!
    Plus, I hear that suitcases are used for storing clothes in the house as well, so it will get use before she starts travelling!

  4. First of your blog. It's new to me and I look forward to reading more.

    Secondly, I experienced a long drought of letters, too. This past month was much better and I received 12!

    Also...I live in Oregon and can gather some info for your travel idea. My email is fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com.