Saturday, December 11, 2010

Second Friday Letter-Writing

Compassion sponsors have started a second Friday letter-writing campaign. Fridays are tough for me, so I've elected to do second Saturdays. I wrote to Ritu and Estefani today--they will be shocked to get so many letters all of a sudden (I have NOT been the greatest letter-writer--until lately).

I went to Michael's and found wonderful stickers to add to the letters, and small calendars that I sent to each girl. I marked their birthdays in the calendars with stars and hearts and flowers and exclamation points... Maybe they won't even see that until their birth month arrives--fun!

Michael's also had, in the dollar section, little packs of "positive notes" designed to be put in your child's lunchbox. My youngest is now 13 and prefers buying her lunch, but these would make good gifts for sponsored kids--things they could give to their friends! (Since they say things like, "I enjoy spending time with you," they wouldn't really work as notes from sponsor to sponsored child). If you want more than the little sample packs available at Michael's, they can be found here. Each one has a nice little note on one side and a "fun fact" on the other. Cute!

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