Friday, January 14, 2011

Many heartaches

So... a lovely woman, one of the parents from our school, suffered a massive stroke a few days ago. She remains unconscious, after having had part of her skull removed to relieve swelling in her brain. If you happen to read this, please lift up a prayer for Joanne. She has maintained an awesome blog for years that has impacted thousands of people--a true woman of faith. She is only 38, and has two wonderful daughters and a terrific husband.

Yesterday, just as I was sitting in the car frantically signing a card for a mom-to-be whose baby shower I was late for, my oldest daughter called. "Mom... I was just in an accident. I don't know what to do." Steph is fine (but her car isn't). Lilia and I made our excuses at the baby shower, and drove up to the accident scene to be with Steph.

At one point, the man who hit her (a cab driver) told me, "And I just found out today I have cancer." He apologized then, saying I didn't need to hear that. What kind of cancer? I asked. Prostate. And it's advanced. "Been there, done that," I told him, and we talked a little about treatments, side effects, and support groups.

I go for weeks in which I pretty much stay in my little box. If I hear of tragedies, they seem far away. I do pray for people involved in such things, but it always seems to be distant, removed. These last few days, everything seems closer to home. Prayer seems a little more urgent: Please, please heal Joanne. Thank you that Steph wasn't hurt. Please offer comfort to the cab driver (His name is Arthur.).

Needless to say, I've been hugging Bob a lot.

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